At ESOLUTIONS we offer an array of services to help your with your document or media conversion and document and information management. We want to be your business partner, not just another vendor. We firmly believe that success for these types of professional services is the the relationships we build with all of our clients. Anyone can scan, but the high level of professionalism and quality that we bring to the table is 2nd to none!

Document scanning is our most popular service and often used for coverting hard (paper) files to digital image files.

Detailed clerical prep is the most critical part of what we do to get things ready.

When your documents arrive, ESolutionXPERTS will immediately log them into our tracking system (ETRACK) to ensure correct document processing.

Once properly logged, they will be sent to the our clerical department where we will sort your documents according to your instructions and contract agreement. A clerical associate will focus on one client’s documents at a time. During the clerical prep process we remove staples, paper clips if there are any. We tape and repair any pages that are torn.  We sort and organize your documents in the way you want to ultimately see them. This is usually the most labor and intensive of all our procedures. The little details are everthing! Our goal is to make your documents machine ready so they can be scanned by our high production scanners. 

Many of our clients as us if we can host their data in the cloud, and the short answer is YES. We offer 2 types of image repository options:

1. ETRACK IMAGE - a home grown image reposiitory system that allows us to release your data directly to our system and gives you access anywhere in the world. 

2. LASERFICHE - a software package sold through (DEAU INFORMATION SERVICES) that allows our clients to setup their internal image repository. This system is managed by your IT department and it's a piece of software that you own. There are many facets to this application and many moduals that can be added for functionality. We would love to give you a free demo.

At ESOLUTONS we have the capabiltiy to convert your legacy type materials (microfilm / microfiche) to digital images. We can convert 16MM and 35MM film in all roll lengths. Film can come in simplex (meaning the images are one right after the other) as well as duplex (which is two pages stacked on top of one another). We can also covert all varieties of microfiche in all cards size 4x6, 4x5, and 3x5 . We can also convert aperature cards. 

Anything bigger than Legal?

At ESOLUTIONS we can scan the "big stuff" too. Our large format scanners can scan in black and white, grayscale, and full color. The largest (width) that we can scan is 42". We can take all your engineering drawing, your arial photographs, or just any large paper document that you have and generate a digital image of it. We can export the document in almost any document type including CAD drawings, TIF, JPG, PNG etc...

There are times when you want to preserve your older audio video archives. At ESOLUTIONS we have that covered. We can covert VHS, BETA, DVD, stardard cassett tapes and ditigize them to an audio or ditial video. We can output to many standard output formats. Give us a call today and see how we can help you preserve and covert your older legacy media.

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