Microfiche 16mm to image

To start microfiche comes in many varieties: 1. There are a few basic types of microfiche: a. COM (Computer output to microfiche) b. AB Dick (Updateable light sensitive) c. Ultrafiche- is an exceptionally compact version of a microfiche or microfilm. The images are generally so tiny they look like small blocks. d. Microx – like it’s cousin AB Dick, contains positive images that can be erased or have a new record added. These cards are utilized in a filing system, usually under a name or social security number e. JUMBO Fiche- generally refers a 4x6 card fiche that only has 1 to 4 images and the images are developed directly on the medium itself. 2. They come in 2 sizes 16 MM and 35 MM 3. They are scanned in 2 formats: simplex and duplex a. Blipped and none blipped b. Comic mode and Cine mode 4. There are 2 types: Positive and negative fiche 5. There are 3 basic formats: a. Diazo – film is produced through a process of heat and light and ammonia. Copies are usually blue or black in color. b. Silver- used to produce very high quality microfiche. It is a silver gray in color. c. and Vesicular – creamy light blue in color, but can produce very high quality images. It’s worth mentioning that vesicular microfilm cannot be duplicated as the copy will be highly degraded and unreadable. 6. Your media can come in a variety of different sizes: 4x6 – 5 row sleeve cards, 3x5, and finally the 105mm or single image aka Jumbo fiche. There exist other not so standard forms of MIXED fiche which combines 16mm and 35mm in a single 4x6 card. 7. Finally, you have original fiche and duplicate fiche We can convert any of the above mentioned microfiche.
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16mm to image
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Microfilm & Microfiche
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