Data Entry

ESOLUTIONS hand keys the critical fields for searching purposes. When deciding how to retrieve your records it's imperative to look at the project as a whole. Many clients start with many fields of data capture. After speaking with us, they quickly realize that they don't need that many data points. Most of our pricing and projects are priced by the container (or box 10x12x15 inches bankers box). Often, the data entry price is included in the per box rate. However, there are times when the project requires a substantial amount of data entry at which time, we will price your project based on the amount of data you require us to capture. There are 3 types of data entry methods:

1. Single key- which simply means we data enter the information from your records one time. Our general error rate for this type of keying is less than 2-3% meaning that 97%-98% of your records will be indexed correctly.

2. DOUBLE data entry. There are times when the information we are capturing is crucial and the clients requirement that the error rate be less than .05%. This is when double data entry is required. We will have 1 data entry operator key the record, then a 2nd data entry operator will key it again. If the value match, no other intervention is required. If the values keyed by user 1 doesn't match the values keyed by user 2 then both values are displayed and the operator must either choose 1 or the other or neither if both values are wrong! This type of data entry method is pricey and not often used.

3. The 3rd method is OCR. This method is generally used when you have standardized machine printed forms and information is in the same place every time. We have a machine extract the information from that location with out any human intervention. This method is the most cost effective solution. It's notable to mention here too, that one method many of our clients use to save a lot of money is to provide ESOLUTIONS with a database. With a database we key a unique value such as an ID number or social security number and the rest of the values are auto populated by the database. This can substantially save a lot of time and money on your project.

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Metadata capture
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Document Scanning Paper to Image
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