Is there a pilot testing period?

This totally depends on the requirements of the customer. We suggest a small pilot for any project that will be ongoing, but if the customer needs to start immediately, then the pilot is skipped and production is started immediately. However, we do internal testing before production starts on any project to ensure all our checks and balances are in place.

What are ESolutionXPERTS hours of operation?

Our normal hours of operation are from Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM. However, as our operation grows and client requirements change, our normal business hours will be changed accordingly.

What type of customers are ESolutionXPERTS providing services for?

We are providing services to a wide range of clients. 

Who does ESolutionXPERTS tailor to?

Our primary goal is to tailor to all size businesses. Our competitors are mainly interested in the larger companies, but at ESolutionXPERTS, we understand that the small business owner has just as much use of these type services as the larger companies.

What are the core business services offered by ESolutionXPERTS?

Our core services are: scanning (paper, microfilm, microfiche and large format), clerical services, quality control, data entry, database development and maintenance, remote backup services, and facilities management.

What is a statement of work?

It is a document created by the client that states exactly what they would like to have done and what they would like back from ESolutionXPERTS. We used this document as a basis for pricing and for determining the number of production hours it will take to perform such tasks.

How often does ESolutionXPERTS bill their clients?

Billing is done on a weekly basis. However, if the client has specific requirements on billing, we will come to such agreements during our contract negotiation period. This will be put into the contracts terms and conditions.

Does ESolutionXPERTS give volume discounts?

Yes. If the client knows that their volume will be high, we will give them discounts on such volumes as is agreed upon by both parties.

Does ESolutionXPERTS follow any federal regulated laws?

Yes. As a service bureau we are governed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act). The act applies mainly to health insurance documents, but we have broadened the act to encompass any information that contains personal information such as Social Security, Credit Card, Banking information, etc...

Does ESolutionXPERTS carry liability insurance?

Yes. We currently carry a one million-dollar liability insurance policy.

How will ESolutionXPERTS track my information in their systems?

When a project is started, we develop a tracking system that is unique to the client we are doing business with. The tracking system will give information regarding number of hours spent on a task, and how much data is currently onsite and where that data is at any given point in the process. If the client requires reports on this information, we will give such reports to the client to let them know the information they require. These reports are generally agreed upon in the terms and conditions of the contract. 

What is the difference between single keying and double keying?

Single keying means that we will key the data on your documents once. Then the information is output and given the client. Double keying requires us to key the data twice, once by one operator and a second time by a totally different operator. The system will then compare the values. If they are they same, then they go onto the next record. If there is a discrepancy, the discrepancy is displayed and a choice must be made!

What is the accuracy rate for data entry?

Our accuracy rates are as follows: 92%-95% on single keying and 98-99.99% on double keying.

What is the turn-around time on my information?

This totally depends on the client’s requirements. If your requirements are that we turn your data in 24 hours, we turn your data in such time as agreed in our contract.

What is facilities management?

In your company, you may have procedures in place for certain activities. With facilities management, the service provider will come in and assess your current methodology and suggest alternate solutions that can maximize your production with said activity. It is also a term used to indicate that the service provider will come into your facility and take over certain day to day functions of your business process.

How many offices do ESolutionXPERTS have?

ESolutionXPERTS is an established company started in January 2003. We have our corporate office in Atlanta, GA. We hope that with our growing success we will be able to open other facilities, in strategic cities around the nation.

Can ESolutionXPERTS do color scanning?

Yes. We can provide a variety of scanning options from full color to simple black and white.

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