Our ETRACK system is a home grown system that allows us to keep track of all our production. Early in 2003 ESOLUTIONS realized the importance of keeping track of all the projects in-house. It allows for accountability as well as an audit trail and training opportunities for our employees. When any employee starts to work on any project, they must task into the system by selecting specific tasks associated with the project. When they are done, they task out of the system and enter any relevant information about the time they spent on the task such as scanning document counts and page counts. We use this information to compile billing reports that are sent with every invoice submitted to the client as supporting documentation. This creates complete transparency with our clients.

There are 2 basic component to ETRACK 
1. Task and time tracking of all employees
2. Inventory control of items received in-house

As a result of collecting those 2 items above, we can then: generate reports, track employee efficiency, audit a project to the container level, determine SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements and if we are meeting our deadlines, and create standards that help measure the proficiency of our protocols. 

ETRACK is a key component of our success and we continue to update and add features as we grow.

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