Company History

Company History

Founded by Brendan Antunez in 2003, ESolutionXPERTS was conceived from a group of former document imaging professionals who recognized two growing trends within Atlanta’s small business market.

FIRST: companies are more environmentally conscious with unnecessary paper waste, and are aspiring to become paper-free environments.

SECOND: with the ever increasing cost of business real estate,companies want to utilize their office space more productively. Large storage rooms stocked with document filing systems are now becoming a thing of the past. The true value of a companies assets is in it's information and managing this information electronically is VITAL!

These new business trends have led to a greater demand for document imaging services. The digital wave of progressive technology is no longer in the future, but in the present and growing at an exponential rate.More and more companies are now focusing on document imaging services as their documentation solution.

Until recently, most smaller businesses were unable to utilize these services due to the high costs involved with larger document imaging companies. ESolutionXPERTS has developed a competitive business edge. By eliminating unnecessary production overhead, we are able to offer the same outstanding service, but at a more exceptional price. With over 20 years of combined technical and business experience, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to bring you a high quality service and product. Our primary focus is to service small to medium size businesses who can’t necessarily afford the services of larger document imaging companies. We feel that each business, no matter how small in size, should be able to afford and utilize our invaluable services.

When ESOLUTIONS scans your paper, microfilm, microfiche, large format (engineering drawings), aperature cards, COM fiche, or any other records format you may have we capture important (metadata information) value fields that you will use at a later time to retrieve these documents. Searching for a record now takes seconds instead of hours or days. This not only saves your time in searching for a document but also saves your time and money in storage costs, expensive loss of documentation, protection against fire, theft, or just the natural disaster. Your information is safeguarded and available at your fingertips. Let us customize an E-SOLUTION for you.

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