Case Studies

  • Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola had need for our microfilm conversion service. They had very old film that they needed converted to image. Some of the film was in poor condition and "smelled like vinegar", which is a sign that the film material is starting to degrade severely.

  • Atlanta Public Schools

    The APS was looking for a vendor to assist them with JUMBO microfiche that they had created years prior. After looking and no one able to convert these files, they came to E-Solutions. E-Solutions was able to help APS convert their documents and now they are looking to further their services.

  • North Georgia College & State University

    The university had an initiative to expand the school. They needed E-Solutions to digitize their Large Format/ Engineering drawings. We were able to handle this request. Some of their documents were old and sensitive in nature.

  • University of Florida

    Their accounting department had a need to digitize their accounting records from previous years. E-Solutions was able to assist this school in digitizing their paper records.

  • Griffin County School System

    Griffin initially hired another scanning company to help them digitize their paper records and to capture information off those records for retrieval and electronic storage. They got frustrated with that company and hired E-Solutions to finish and repair the project.

  • Manufacturing Company

    One client is a large manufacturing company that deals in Biomedical, distribution and storage, energy and chemicals. They have a Federal Requirement to keep records on all their cryogenic and transport tubes for the life of the product. Some of these records are up to 100 years old.

  • Judicial Organization

    This project was multifaceted. We helped the Accounting department, Active/Inactive Neutral Files Department, Administrator Offices of the Courts, and recently the Supreme Court of Georgia.

  • Athens Regional Medical Center

    Conversion project of 3.3 million pages of medical records. The client requirements was to do the job onsite and in a limited amount of space and time. They required 100% Quality Assurance on all work.

  • Financial Services

    This project required a conservation and preservation plus scanning service. The client is a financial company which does annual business of 10 - 15 million dollars. They required an assessment of their current work processes and an image repository be installed and implemented.

  • Turner Broadcasting

    This was a conversion project to preserve their historical and very valuable copyright certificates along with a card file catalog of their entire stock. Staff was onsite to the customer working a single shift. ESolutionXPERTS scanned a combined 170,000 images.

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